Second Semester Grade Change Form

At the end of the 2020 school year, students had the option of receiving a letter grade or a grade of “Pass” for the second semester.  Some families were not able to express their intent, and your final grade may not be reflected as you intended.

Below is a link to a form that you can complete to have your final, second semester grade modified.  The grade will be based on the student’s 3rd marking period grade (along with the grade of “Pass” from marking period 4).  At this time, students can elect to have the final grade represented as a letter or as a “Pass.” 

Further, students have the option of deciding how they want each grade to look on a class-by-class basis; i.e., students may want a letter grade in some classes, and a grade of “Pass” in others.  The form allows you to choose and enter information for each individual class in which you want a grade modified.  Families only need to complete this form for any class in which the grade should be reflected differently than what is printed on the student’s report card. 

Here is the link:

Please contact your student’s administrator if you have any additional questions or concerns about the process to modify the current reported grade(s) for your student.