International Night 2016 image

B-CC 2020 International Night

Friday, February 21,  2020, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Hosted by the International Club and Sponsored by the B-CC PTSA



Students: Sign up HERE to contribute a dish to the potluck dinner and volunteer for the night.

Earn 3 SSL/CAS hours for your dish and helping to:

1) Decorate, set-up and bring dishes to the Cafeteria (4:00-6:30 pm)

2) Serve food/restock supplies and water during the dinner (6:30-7:30 pm)

3) Clean-up and put away supplies and decorations (7:15-8:30 pm)

4) Talent and Fashion Show (7:30-8:30 pm) Sign up HERE.



Laura Jappe, Lead Sponsor
Kalen Boyle, International Dinner Sponsor

The B-CC International Club is a group of students from around the world who meet to share the history, politics, music, food and traditions of different cultures and perspectives. The culminating activity of the International Club is International Night. 


 Internl Night


Guests enjoy a variety of delicious foods from around the world prepared by students.
Afterward, they are entertained by a dazzling Fashion Show in which students model a variety of traditional outfits.
During the Talent Show, students share outstanding musical and dance performances
representing diverse cultures from around the world.