B-CC High School Addition


As those of you with children in Montgomery County's downcounty elementary and secondary schools may be aware, MCPS is experiencing a tremendous surge in enrollment, a trend that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Many elementary schools are in the process of modernization or enlargement, and a second middle school has been approved to serve the B-CC cluster. B-CC High School itself already has hundreds more students than its official capacity of 1,600. 

To provide the B-CC community with background on the state of the school, both now and in the future, the PTSA sponsored a forum featuring Community Superintendent Chris Garran, Principal Karen Lockard, Assistant Principals Chris Nardi, Bennie Green & Ricardo Hernandez, as well as B-CC HS Educational Foundation President Matt Gandal, on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. To view a copy of the power point presentation at that meeting, please click here: B-CC Today & Tomorrow

To serve all of the students who will eventually end up at B-CC, MCPS initiated the process of designing and building an addition to the current school building. Smolen, Emr, and Ilkovitch (SEI) Architects were  selected to conduct a feasibility study for 24 to 32 new classroom and administrative spaces and a small gym. Following the Feasibility Study Phase, MCPS and school representatives conducted another architect review process to select the firm that would carry on with the Design Phase. SEI Architects were selected to continue on as project architects.

Project Team - Feasibility Study Phase

Title Organization Name E-Mail Address Phone Number
Project Manager   MCPS  James Tokar James_R_Tokar@mcpsmd.org 240.324.1008
Planner MCPS Debbie Szyfer Deborah_Szyfer@mcpsmd.org    240.324.4715
Architect - President Smolen, Emr, & Ilkovitch   Jim Emr jemr@seiarch.com 301.770.0177
Architect - Senior Project Manager Smolen, Emr & Ilkovitch Gary Mosesman   gmosesman@seiarch.com 301.770.0177
Architect Smolen, Emr & Ilkovitch Ina Kovacheva ikovacheva@seiarch.com 301.770.0177

Feasibility Study Phase

The first step in the process was a feasibility study conducted by SEI architects and the MCPS staff. The feasibility study began with a series of five public meetings starting in October, 2012 and running through December, 2012 when students, staff, parents, and community members were invited to view preliminary plans and offer suggestions, raise questions and concerns. Materials and notes from those meetings are posted below.


Date Time Location Topic
10/09/12   3:00pm   B-CC Cafeteria   School & Community Input   Meeting Materials & Notes of Meeting
10/23/12 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input Meeting Materials & Notes of Meeting
11/08/12 3:00pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input Meeting Materials & Notes of Meeting
11/28/12 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input Meeting Materials & Notes of Meeting
12/11/12 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria Presentation of Findings Presentation


Please note that the Notes of Meeting for the Nov. 28, 2012 meeting also contain answers to frequently-asked questions regarding enrollment projections and the proposed addition prepared by MCPS Director of Long Range Planning, Bruce Crispell.

Design Work Sessions


Date Time Location Topic  Notes
12/10/14 2:30pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input  
12/10/14 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input  same material as 2:30pm meeting 
01/05/15 3:30pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input  
01/22/15 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input  
02/04/15 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria School & Community Input  
02/09/15 7:00pm B-CC Cafeteria Final Presentation  


Presentation materials and notes of each meeting can be found at  https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/construction/projects/bcchs.shtm.

 Project Timeline

In Fall 2013,  Superintendent Joshua Starr requested additional planning and construction funds in the FY 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to design and construct the full addition project.  The Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2015-2020 CIP was released in late October 2013.  The approved FY 2013-2018 CIP has limited planning funds approved for FY 2015, which allows the design process to begin in fall 2014.  More information regarding CIP's, enrollment projections, and long-range facility plans is available on the MCPS Department of Long-Range Planning website. MCPS has also prepared a Principal's Guide to the Design & Construction Process which provides a helpful overview of the phases involved in a construction/modernization project, and gives examples of reports prepared at various stages in the process.