Process for student absences

Students are expected to attend all live virtual learning classes in which they are enrolled. If your child will be absent from a class due to illness or extenuating circumstances, please call the attendance office at 240 - 207 -2441 or send an email to the attendance secretary ( to notify us of the absence. You can then follow -up with the appropriate note (doctor, dental, etc.) to allow the absence to be excused.   If extenuating circumstances exist, parents/ guardians are asked to communicate with the school ’s administration ahead of time. Do not submit the Live Virtual Lesson Absence Form to notify us of an absence. 
Students who were absent may access the recording of the class to engage in the daily learning during an alternate time within 72 hours of the absence. If your child misses a class and makes a contribution to learning, the Live Virtual Lesson Absence Form can be completed and submitted. This allows your child to be considered present for that class. The form can be found on the Baker website. A Live Virtual Lesson Absence Form must be completed by a parent/guardian for each documented absence.  Please mark only the class periods that were missed.
If your child is absent from a class, you can look in your ParentVUE account to see what class your child was marked absent.  A parent /guardian can then email that teacher.