Media Center

Welcome to the Fred T. Minnick Media Center at John T. Baker Middle School


Media Center Hours

Monday and Friday 7:30am – 3:00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30am – 4:00pm*

*Extended hours are available for research and projects. Students must sign up in the Media Center by 1:00pm on the day they intend to stay after school. Students must plan to ride the Activity Bus or have arranged for a ride home. Students should have a certain assignment they wish to work on where they need to use the library's resources (computers, books). They should be working on school work while they are here.


Students may check out up to 6 books for two weeks. Past issues of magazines may be checked out overnight. Reference books may be checked out overnight. Students may renew books for an additional two weeks.

Overdue notices will be sent to students through their 1st period teachers. There are no fines for overdue materials. Although there are no fines for overdue books, students may not check out additional materials until the overdue materials are either returned or paid for.

Research Center

The Library Media Center has 29 networked computers with applications designed to assist student learning. Access to online encyclopedias, magazine and newspaper databases, the Internet, multimedia software, word processing, and presentation programs are all available on each computer. Each student computer account is accessible through a unique password. Students are encouraged to use the Online Resources provided by MCPS and Baker Middle School. When using the computers in the media center and all computer labs, each student should:

  • Remember that food and drinks are not allowed in any of the computer labs
  • Log in only using their own login ID and password
  • Keep their password confidential
  • Recognize that scheduled classes have priority for use of the media center computers
  • Recognize that the computers are to be used for educational purposes only
  • Limit his/her use to the programs on the menu. Students may not access the hard drive, change settings or insert discs from home
  • Students may not use email at school
  • A staff member needs to be present when using a CD or thumb drive from home
  • Understand that inappropriate use of the Internet, other programs or printers will result in an administrative referral and temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges.
  • Always select Print Preview before printing. This allows you to see what you have selected to print and will prevent the printing of unwanted pages.
  • Logoff computer when finished. Make sure work area is clean and chairs are pushed in.