Enroll Now at the Thomas Edison High School of Technology! 

 Student inspects vehicle brakes(Available to ALL MCPS high school students)

 Just two steps:

1.)Visit Thomas Edison's Website and complete the online application.

    2.)Specify the following triple-period course codes and names when you register for your next year's classes:
  • TRN2011A/TRN2011B Automotive Technology/Dealership Training 1 A/B Triple Period
  • TRN2012A/TRN2012B Automotive Technology/Dealership Training 2 A/B Triple Period
  • TRN2013A/TRN2013B Automotive Collision Repair 1 A/B Triple Period
  • TRN2014A/TRN2014B Automotive Collision Repair 2 A/B Triple Period

Are you a student at Damascus, Gaithersburg, or Seneca Valley High School?

 See your counselor to enroll. It's that easy!

Click here for more information about the regional programs at Seneca Valley High School.

Specify the following double period course codes and names when you register.

 Automotive Technology: 

  •    TRN2003A2/TRN2003B Automotive Technology 1 A/B Double Period
  •    TRN2004A/TRN2004B Automotive Technology 2 A/B Double Period
  •    TRN2005A/TRN2005B Automotive Technology 3 A/B Double Period  
Automotive Collision and Repair (Only offered at Gaithersburg HS as a double period; all other schools use the Thomas Edison HS triple period offering)  
  •  TRN2008A/TRN2008B Automotive Collision Repair 1 A/B Double Period
  •  TRN2009A/TRN2009B Automotive Collision Repair 2 A/B Double Period
  •  TRN2010A/TRN2010B Automotive Collision repair 3 A/B Double Period  



Call Mr. Rick Gangloff at (240) 740-2049 or email him at Richard_Gangloff@mcpsmd.org