Our School Gardening Program

Ashburton strives to grow and maintain a green culture in our school and community.  The progression of our School Garden, as well as Green Thumb Club meetings and Green Team events and activities can be found here.

Green Team

Mission: The Ashburton Green Team strives to be an environmentally positive example for the Ashburton community. The Green Team works to promote appreciation of the environment, to cultivate and implement ideas to reduce waste, and to encourage students and staff to make choices that help reduce the carbon footprint of our school.

Vision: Ashburton Elementary School is dedicated in creating and maintaining a green school that will impact staff and students to be environmentally friendly not only in school, but also in their own home and community to sustain a better world for everyone.

Ashburton Elementary is committed to providing students, staff, parents, and the surrounding community with a healthy and Earth-friendly school environment.  Students in all grades are provided with opportunities to learn about, study, and address environmental issues in the classroom and throughout the community. Staff members have been involved in environmental opportunities through trainings, workshops, and best practices.

Ashburton has made significant changes in our efforts to promote taking care of the environment, while continuing others as a tradition of conservation and annual celebrations.  The school’s new initiatives and programs include the Green Thumb Club, Recess Fun Run, STEAM Club & Night, Lunchroom Salad Bar, and recycled materials art installations in the school’s entryway. We continue to annually celebrate Walk to School Day & Earth Week, and promote “green” habits with posters, bulletin boards, weekly energy audits, and morning announcements. Ashburton offers many outdoor after school activities, students and staff are encouraged to reduce solid waste and paper use, and the school garden has been cultivated, painted, and labeled into a vibrant outdoor classroom. The school works closely with community partners to provide students with opportunities such as new experiences and perspectives from guest speakers, assemblies, and field trips.  Ashburton Elementary is a Maryland Green School designated through the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education.


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