The Fourth Grade Team 2020-2021


      Mrs. Brenner            Mrs. Weaver                       Ms. Cline                  Ms. Ekstrom


Mrs. Norton                Ms. Greco


Links for Learning



Students are working on remembering the parts of speech.  Funbrain has a fun game to help them learn.

Also try out Wacky Web Tales. This site works a bit like those Mad Libs. Students have to enter parts of speech in order to create a story.

Take a look at the Word Wall words your child should be able to read and write by the end of fourth grade.

Math Links


Curriculum: What will your child learn in fourth grade?

Helpful Links

Ideas to Encourage Reading

  • Read the same book as your child and discuss as you both read / enjoy
  • Have your child read out loud to you as you make dinner etc.
  • Allow enough time at the end of the day to read in bed
  • Visit a library/coffee shop/park together and read
  • Read the newspaper (KidsPost) at breakfast together
  • Have your child read in the car / bus
  • Read a book and then rent the movie of the book