More Staff Teams

Instructional Support Team and Lunch/Recess Team

Reading Initiative 

   Mrs. Bigley


Paraeducators and Lunch/Recess


Ms. Del Castillo, Mr. Kurkjian, Ms. Clarke-Williams, Mrs. Siman, Mr. Wiley, Mrs. Bistle, Mrs. Scilaris, Mrs. Cope, Mrs. Chun, Mrs. Gregorio, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Dickinson, Mr. Falzo, Ms. Gore





Health Room Team

Colleen Yang (nurse), Bettsie Dix (health tech)

Building Services Team


Jose Sorto, Lorrell (Ricky) Brock (Building Service Manager), 

Chung Chen (Night Leader), Johnnie Parson, Edenilsa Blanco, Marisol Valle de Alvarado

Cafeteria Team

Iming Lai, Cafeteria Manager, and Ana Molina-Jimenez