School Improvement Plan


School Improvement Plan Goals FY19 (Linkage Chart)

Welcome to the page that gives information on how Ashburton Elementary School develops its School Improvement Plan (SIP) using the Baldrige Guided School Improvement Process. This process is adapted for school system use from a business model developed by Malcolm Baldrige. The Walter Johnson Cluster has been involved in using this model since school year 2001-2002.

As we continue our journey towards continuous improvement, we have worked to also increase the ways we communicate what we are learning to our community. This page is one way we are sharing what we are doing with you. We value your input and hope that you will take time to view this information and share your thoughts.

  • This is a system-wide expectation that all schools will integrate the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence into the school improvement process.
  • The plan must address the seven Baldrige Categories including defining, designing, and deploying processes and systems.
  • The Baldrige Categories are linked to create an integrated management system that enables organizations to focus systematically on performance excellence and continuous improvement. This integrated management system works at the district, school, and classroom levels.
  • The School Improvement Team (SIT) includes representatives from all stakeholder groups (parents, professional staff, and supporting staff) many of whom would have attended some training with the school staff. The Director of School Support and Improvement is invited to participate in the SIT meetings. The SIT actively engages all stakeholder groups in the school improvement process.
  • The SIT implements the SIP model using the Baldrige Category Systems Checks and the Framework for Improving Teaching Learning in defining, designing and deploying the school improvement plan.
  • The SIT sends a copy (and updates, as appropriate) of the SIP to the Director of School Support and Improvement (Dr. Sarah Sirgo) to keep central office informed.
  • The SIT evaluates progress quarterly on SIP goals and updates the Director of School Support and Improvement.
  • The SIT evaluates yearly progress on SIP goals and updates the Director of School Support and Improvement and the School Community.


The Ashburton Elementary School Vision is to create a community of 21st Century Learners.


To have parents, staff and students work as a team to focus on:

Our Mission and Vision are also on the About Ashburton ES page