Regional and Local High School Information for 8th Grade Families and OPEN HOUSE DATES

MCPS will be holding a MCPS broadcast this evening (7pm) 9/21/22, which will be available as a recording for parents to view. This broadcast will provide important information for regional and local high school programs.
The broadcast can be viewed here, MCPS Highlights
Additionally, our local DCC Highschool program will be holding their own information night on September 28th. Argyle Parents and Families should prioritize this parent presentation. It can be viewed here, MCPS Highlights.
Parents can also access this broadcast on local TV channels.
English: Cable - 34 & HD 1071 (Comcast), 36 (Verizon), 89 (RCN) - 7:00 pm
Spanish: Cable - 33 (Comcast), 35 (Verizon), 88 (RCN) - 7:00p.m.
October 3, 2022- Open House* at Montgomery Blair HS 6:30 pm
October 6, 2022- Open House* at Wheaton HS 6:30 pm
October 13, 2022- Open House* at John F. Kennedy HS 6:30 pm
October 20, 2022- Open House* at Northwood HS 7 pm
October 27, 2022- Open House* at Albert Einstein HS 6:30 pm