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iconkhanacademyKhan Academy  

A free online resource that provides students with videos that cover just about any subject.

iconhhlHomework Hotline

Free hotline that allows students to call, tweet, text, or ask questions on Facebook.

iconipl2forkidsKids Space  
iconkidinfoKid Info
iconnatgeoNational Geographic for Kids
iconfactmonsterFact Monster
iconedmodo Edmodo 
iconmathninjasMath Ninjas Registration 
Here is an exciting opportunity and a way to improve your success at math from Math 6 2.0 to Algebra. Math Ninjas is an after school activity in our EBB program. Students are offered 1-1 tutoring, math based computer games, mental math practice and they can even bring their homework and get support. Here is a website used in the program and it is available to all Argyle students. Try it out. And, if you want, sign up for one of the few Math Ninja after school spots available,. It’s free, fun and makes math easier
  1. Click on the link.  
  2. Click on the drop down menu “math”. 
  3. Choose, “More Questions”.  
  4. Click on the level you feel is an appropriate place for you to begin. 
  5. Get started improving your math skills. 



If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Li  Zhou at 240-314-9152. 

iconbridgesBridges Career Quiz and Explorer 
  1. click the Site ID tab  
  2. Site ID: 0025999  
  3. Password:  argyle