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Parkland Magnet School for Aerospace Technology

Math • Science • Aerospace, Satellite, and Robotic Engineering
School Office: 240-740-6800
4610 West Frankfort Drive, Rockville, MD 20853


Students who choose Parkland will specialize in rigorous mathematics and science focused on the problem-solving requirements of aerospace and robotic engineering. Parkland students will have the unique opportunity to:

  • explore technology solutions in aerospace, satellite, and robotic engineering
  • experience a rigorous scientific environment involving team problem solving and research
  • work with peers to compete in NASA and other space-flight challenges


Parkland Magnet School for Aerospace Technology offers students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 a rigorous academic program focused through advanced and applied math and science. All students will take an interdisciplinary science course each year and may opt to take a high-level science elective with the goal of taking a high school science course in Grade 8.

What is Special About Parkland Magnet School?

Walk into a building where students...

  • share a thirst for knowledge, but especially scientific knowledge
  • experience the thrill of working on real science challenges proposed by NASA scientists
  • learn scientific information and use math to solve problems
  • conduct experiments in robotics that rival those faced by the Mars rover
  • work in teams using mathematical tools to create products that solve engineering problems
  • effectively communicate new findings to peers and scientists in the scientific community
  • build and program robotic rovers to compete in local, state, and national events

Is Parkland Magnet School for You?

Do you like...

  • robots, space exploration, satellite and flight technology?
  • learning by experimenting with the latest technology and equipment?
  • sharing the experience of competition with students from other states?
  • inventing and explaining new ideas and technologies?
  • solving engineering problems using scientific knowledge and equipment?

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