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Argyle Magnet School for Digital Design and Development

Advanced Computer Science • Advanced Mathematics • Digital Design and Gaming
School office: 301-460-2400
2400 Bel Pre Road, Silver Spring


Students who choose Argyle will specialize in advanced mathematics, advanced computer science, and digital design and gaming. Argyle students will have the unique opportunity to:

  • explore a variety of technology such as Web design and digital media.
  • experience the joy of combining original work, creative writing, and technology to create digital projects.
  • work with peers to collaborate on competitive projects and the use of technology to solve problems.


Argyle Magnet School for Digital Design and Development offers students a rigorous academic program focused on the development and application of information technology. All students will take a comprehensive technology course each year, meeting national technology standards. Students have the option of taking high school level technology courses specializing in programming and web development.

What is Special About Argyle Magnet School?

Walk into a building where students...

  • have access to 10 state-of-the-art computer labs
  • share a thirst for all knowledge, but especially technology
  • use technology as an everyday tool for learning
  • create and present products and services for business leaders in various technology fields
  • work in teams to problem solve academic, business, and technological problems
  • research and develop technological solutions to societal problems
  • conceive, market, and create their own video games

Is Argyle Magnet School For You?

Do you like...

  • video games, computers, digital cameras?
  • challenging yourself to learn new information and solve problems using technology?
  • creating digital music and digital art?
  • working with a team?
  • using technology to express your ideas?

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