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Well-Being, Learning, and Achievement

What Does the Division of Psychological Services Do?

  • Facilitate the implementation of best practice guidelines for the provision of comprehensive school psychological services
  • Maintain all psychological evaluations for data collection and distribution
  • Link school psychologist Medicaid reporting functions with the Department of Special Education
  • Oversee the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of school psychologists and school psychologist interns
  • Conduct monthly orientation meetings for interns and school psychologists new to MCPS
  • Plan, coordinate, and deliver monthly staff development meetings for all MCPS school psychologists
  • Provide clinical/professional supervision for MCPS school psychologists
  • Coordinate assignments of school psychologists
  • Order and disseminate all psychological assessment tools
  • Act as liaison to University school psychology training programs
  • Mediate disputes when the public questions information in psychological evaluations interpreted as inaccurate or misleading
  • Coordinate, provide staff development, monitors and evaluates the implementation of the Collaborative Action Process