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11 MCPS Student Recognized as 2022 Carson Scholars


MCPS is excited to share that 11 students were announced as Carson Scholars Fund (CSF recipients. The CSF gifts $1,000 college scholarship to students in grades 4 – 11 who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and humanitarian qualities. This year, 547 students from across the country were named 2022 Carson Scholars. In addition, 803 students renewed their Carson Scholarship status by maintaining high academics and commitments to their communities.

Every year, scholarship winners receive special recognition from the Carson Scholars Fund for their incredible achievements. This spring, the CSF is pulling out all the stops to create an original short film and host private showings exclusively for 2022 Carson Scholars and their families. “Carson Scholars: Heroes Among Us,” features live shots of scholars demonstrating how they are using their gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Congratulations to the following as Carson Scholars Fund recipients!

2022 Carson Scholars



Ida Chen

Winston Churchill High School

Gianni Flores

Seneca Valley High School

Monifeoluwa Kuti

John F. Kennedy High School

Hannah mahew

Hallie Wells Middle Shool

Evan Medina

Clarksburg High School

Kiera Norris

Northwood High School

Muhammad Rahman

Watkins Mill High School

Rachel Wang

Richard Montgomery High School


2022 Recognized Carson Scholars

(Students awarded more than once)



# of Time Won

Daniel Mathew

Poolesville High School


Dhruv Pai

Montgomery Blair High School


Elisa Zoltick

Winston Churchill High School