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International Admissions and Enrollment Student Advisory Committee


International Admissions and Enrollment

Student Advisory Committee

 Do you want to lend your voice?  Please consider joining the International Admission and Enrollment Office (IAE) Student Advisory Committee. Ms. Margarita Borhorquez, IAE Supervisor  is looking for one High School student from each of the 27 high schools to serve on this committee to support better outcomes for our newcomers or recently arrived international students.

The purpose of the committee is to help design student-led best practices to support “newcomers” or newly arrived international students across the school system.  The student advisory committee will also serve as a feedback loop to the IAE regarding perceptions, trends and support needed for our international students.

The IAE Student Advisory Committee will meet once per quarter at 3:30 p.m. Meetings will last approximately 45 minutes.  The first meeting date will be 

Members of the committee can earn SLL hours for their service. 

During the first meeting, we will establish norms, introduce members,  brainstorm ideas and hear a little bit about the work of the IAE Office.

Please complete the google form below to express interest.  You can direct questions to Dr. Arthur Williams, Newcomer School Support Liaison at

IAE Student Advisory Interest Form