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Student Climate Action Council


A Message from the Student Climate Action Council

Hello! We are the inaugural Student Climate Action Council (SCAC): a group of 14 students working with MCPS to represent clusters of the county to advance sustainability initiatives and create a greener school system. As a council, we recognize we are in a climate crisis and will work side-by-side with MCPS to reach our climate goals outlined in our Sustainability Policy and foster innovative sustainability projects from students. Therefore, over the next several years, we will work tirelessly to fulfill our vision to create an entirely green school system. However, we cannot do so without your support.

There are many ways for you to get involved that you should look out for! We will soon be releasing information about our Climate Ambassador program, where you can sign-up to be an ambassador and work directly with the council to represent your school and create environmental change in your community. Additionally, we will release information regarding the opportunity to apply for our grant program to fund YOUR sustainability projects. Look out for these opportunities and more!

We are so excited to work with all of you and build a greener future TOGETHER.