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Downcounty Consortium

Five Great Schools, Five Great Choices 

The Downcounty Consortium, or DCC, includes five high schools and their feeder middle and elementary schools. The DCC high schools:

  • Montgomery Blair
  • Albert Einstein
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Northwood
  • Wheaton

Each DCC high school offers distinctive and interesting academy programs that incorporate rigorous academic course work related to possible career pathways and real world education. A variety of extracurriculars are available at each of these schools in addition to earning college credit.

From science to international studies, and from politics and law to engineering, students will be able to explore their multiple interests in one of these great high schools.

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How Choice Works 

Each year, all Grade 8 students who live in the DCC attendance area participate in the high school Choice process. Students who attend a DCC feeder middle school are also eligible to participate.

About 50% of the students select a non-base high school as their first choice, and most students receive their first choice high school in the Choice process.

For those who receive their second or third choice high school, most of these students start and graduate from their assigned high school because they find other interests they can explore, make new friends and take great classes.

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