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Professional Growth System for Supporting Services

About the System

The Supporting Services Professional Growth System is a collaborative process that promotes workforce excellence by applying a core competency model in order to encourage personal and systemic growth on performance through continuous improvement.



The SSPGS has adopted a competency-based model for recruiting and staffing, evaluating, developing, and recognizing supporting services employees in Montgomery County Public Schools. Core Competencies for Supporting Services

Contact Information

Professional Growth Consultant Program

45 W. Gude Drive
Suite 2400
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone:  301-217-5116


  • Lisa D. Bligen, SEIU Liaison to the PAR Panel


 Professional Growth Consultants (PGC)
  • Melissa Laureano, PGC
Focus Area - Supporting Services New Employee Orientation (SSNEO)
Responsible for arranging the facilitation of all SSNEO sessions through coordination with other offices, departments and teams and updating training materials to ensure all participants receive the information they need to begin working in MCPS.


  •  Michelle Cagley, PGC
  •  Kelley Eiskant, PGC
Focus Area - Supporting Services Training Corps (SSTC)
Assists with recruiting, interviewing and selecting SSTC members.  Assigns trainers, maintains and processes pay records, conducts observations, and provides training and support to the members.



  • Samuel Ward, PGC
Focus Area - Building Service Leadership Development, Induction, and Retention Program
Responsible for supporting and developing employees who are new to School Plant Operations (SPO) leadership positions by providing them with a heightened awareness of the Supporting Services Professional Growth System (SSPGS) and the seven core competencies and suggesting team building and relationship strategies.


  • Marsha Melson, Administrative Secretary