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Staff FAQ:

How can I find out if the item/service I need has a contract?
See the list of annual bids. If you don't see it listed, you can email the Buyer or call Procurement directly at 301-279-3555. Find the Procurement Buyer for the goods or services you need.

Once I've found what I need how do I place an order?
Most items can be ordered online through the MCPS Business HUB.  Click Here to visit the MCPS Business HUB.

Where can I find vendor contacts?
Click Here to see the list of vendor contact information.


Where can I find information about buying and using MCPS computers?
Click Here to visit the Technology Products webpage. It has all the information you need regarding the purchase, use and support of MCPS hardware, software, peripherals and other technology related equipment.

Online Ordering:

Where can I find MCPS Supply Warehouse catalog?
Click Here to see the Supply Warehouse Excel catalog.

Where can I find the vendor catalogs?
Click Here to email Michael D. Overholtzer to request any of the following catalogs:

  • Office Supplies: OfficeDepot
  • Arts & Crafts: School Specialty Art Education
  • Science: Fisher Science Education
  • Instructional Materials: Lakeshore Learning, Nasco Early Learning, Nasco Math, Perfection Learning, BSN Sports, U.S. Games

How do I check the status of a purchase order?
If item(s) ordered have not arrived within 30 days, BEST Practice is for end users to contact the supplier to verify the status of the PO. If further action is needed, email a request for assistance as follows:

What do I do if I receive an invoice?
If you receive an invoice from the vendor (for items other than library materials), please forward it to Accounts Payable, 45 West Gude Drive, Suite 3200. Be sure the PO number is on the invoice.

If the invoice is for library materials, after you have completed your receiving, please send the invoice to Media Processing.

Is training offered for the MCPS Business HUB?
Yes, training is available . Click Here for a list of HUB online training classes available through the MCPS Professional Development Online System. 

 Click Here to visit the MCPS Professional Development Online (PDO) System's website to register for training.


How do I check on a magazine order?
First, check the HUB to ensure that your purchase has been approved by the account manager. If it has been approved, you can do the following:

Cox Orders

Click Here to contact Shannon Jackson at Cox Subscription, Inc., or call 800-571-9554, ext. 216.
You can view your locations account with WT Cox online which will include all active subscription orders, title start and end dates, as well as the ability to report missing issues and request claims. Please email your request for CoxNet access to and include your location's name and your email address. For more information regarding the functionality of the CoxNet system please click here:

Other Titles: Contact the vendor directly with your purchase order number.

If you don't find resolution through vendor contact, Click Here to email Procurement for further assistance.

How do I order a magazine?
Orders for magazine subscriptions are placed through the MCPS Business HUB. Click Here for important ordering information.

How can I get a magazine title approved?
Procurement will request pricing for a title only if they receive an approved form from the Office of Evaluation and Selection. Click Here to complete 'Record of Evaluation for Instructional Materials' Form 365-25.

PONY the completed form and a copy of the subscription ordering information to Evaluation and Selection. (Call 301-279-3272 if you have questions.)

Once Evaluation & Selection receives the approval it is forwarded to Procurement where it is entered into the database. You will be notified by email when available for ordering.

Where can I find a list of the magazine titles on contract?
Click Here for details on available subscriptions.

Commercial Carrier/Bus Use:

How do I schedule a bus for a field trip?
Once the details of the trip have been determined (date, depart & return times, directions, etc.) you can contact any of the approved charter bus companies to check on availability, pricing and to request any special arrangements needed. Click Here to log in to myMCPS for a complete list. We suggest you contact several to ensure the best price possible. Once you have decided, you can complete a requisition in the Business HUB and request a check in advance.

How do I schedule a school bus for a field trip?
Click Here to see instructions for ordering online, or contact the Division of Transportation's Field Trip Unit at 301-444-8610.

Can I use a bus company that is not on the approved list?
No. MCPS requires use of approved buses only to help ensure the safety of our students.
Click Here to log in to myMCPS for a list of approved carriers. On myMCPS, click on "MCPS Approved Carriers" under "Business Resources" in the bottom section of the login page.


When will my furniture arrive?
Usually all furniture is delivered within 6 to 8 weeks of the order. For more information you can Click Here to email SheilaAnn Hurst in Procurement or call 301-279-3814.

How do I know what furniture to order?
Click Here to email SheilaAnn Hurst in Procurement or call 301-279-3814.

What will fit in my available space?
Click Here to email SheilaAnn Hurst in Procurement or call 301-279-3814 for more information on our furniture design bid or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.