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Policies for Public Comment

Opportunity for Public Comment

Draft changes to Board Policy ABA, Community Involvement

The Montgomery County Board of Education is seeking comments on proposed amendments to Board Policy ABA, Community Involvement, to update guidelines and practices for engagement related to Board decisions.  The policy has been available for comment since March 30, 2022.  The public comment period will extend through December 22, 2022.

The draft amendments propose —

  • Implementation strategies to support staff in conducting inclusive, culturally responsive, and antiracist community engagement, including
    • research-based models of public participation with clearly stated objectives for the public’s role,
    • best practices for planning and implementing community engagement so that traditionally marginalized stakeholders may contribute their skills, knowledge, ideas, experiences, and analyses regarding issues facing the Board, and
    • a variety of participation techniques, including suggestions for community-initiated engagement with the Board.

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