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About School Library Media Programs

Program description

The school library media program provides instruction, resources, and services to assist students and teachers in becoming critical thinkers in the pursuit and use of ideas and information. With well-prepared and highly qualified professional personnel supported by appropriate technical and clerical staff, a school library media program provides all students and staff members with equitable and timely access to ideas and information and an integrated instructional program to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. In order to accomplish this goal, the program requires the following components.

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School Library Media Programs Promote:

  • An instructional program that is integrated with the curriculum and results in student achievement of learning outcomes in information literacy, independent, and socially responsible use of information and information technology.
  • Instructional partnerships in all curricular areas to facilitate learning and to develop instructional resources.
  • Support of classroom reading instruction and reading for personal and academic success.
  • Support for students in developing an appreciation of literature and of reading to access information.
  • Support for students and staff in developing skills in understanding, using, and producing media in various formats.
  • Equitable and timely access to organized collections of resources and delivery of services.
  • Diverse collections of information resources that support curricula and encourage students and staff to pursue personal interests.
  • Current instructional and information technologies that enhance learning for students and teachers.
  • Support for teachers in their effective use of various technologies in the classroom and the library media center.
  • Partnerships with parents and community members to establish and foster a community of learners.
  • Facilities conducive to learning.

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