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Maryvale Elementary School
Carl Sandburg Learning Center
Colocation & Revitalization/Expansion

1010 First Street
Rockville, MD 20853


Henley Construction


Architecture Inc.

MCPS Construction Contact

Shiho Shibasaki

The existing Maryvale Elementary School facility was constructed in 1969 as the Southlawn Middle School. No additions have been added to the school building. The Carl Sandburg Learning Center was constructed in1962 as an elementary school. The original structure received a six classroom addition in 1966. The elementary school program was terminated in 1977, the following year the school re-opened with its current program.

The building design will encourage collaboration by sharing areas and appropriate resources for both schools. Each instructional area will have adequate learning spaces, work areas, restrooms and support spaces to meet the requirements of the educational specifications.

  • Administrative areas for each school located adjacent to one another to facilitate teaming and sharing of staff resources.
  • Each school’s main entrance will have a secure entrance with oversight of the student drop-off, bus loop and parking areas.
  • Maintaining separation of the student population from both schools while efficiently sharing facilities and services.
  • Minimizing the footprint of the building to preserve field area.
  • The Carl Sandburg Learning Center will be located on the ground floor level.
  • Shared media center, kitchen and building services.
  • Separate gymnasium and multipurpose rooms for each school.
  • Maintain the identity of each school by creating unique school entrances.