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Sattelite view of new high school location

9410 Fields Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Projections indicate enrollment at Gaithersburg High School will exceed capacity by the end of the six-year planning period. Expenditures are programmed in the six-year period to open a new high school on the Crown Farm site to address over-utilization in the mid-county region. Although an FY 2019 appropriation for planning was requested by the Board of Education for this new school, the County Council delayed the funds by one year. An FY 2020 appropriation was approved for planning to begin the architectural design for this project with a completion date of August 2025. As part of the FY 2021–2026 Capital Improvements Program (CIP), the County Council delayed the expenditures and completion date to August 2026. An FY 2023 appropriation was requested for construction cost increases and construction funds. Due to fiscal constraints, the County Council delayed this project one year in the adopted FY2023-2028 CIP, but approved the additional expenditures. An FY2024 appropriation was approved for construction funds. An FY 2025 appropriation is recommended to complete this project. This project is scheduled to be completed August 2027.



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Cluster:   Gaithersburg
Completion Date:   August 2027
Site Size:   31.7 acres
Building Size:   358,009 square feet
Building Levels:   4
Parking Spaces:   400
Cost:   $
Student Capacity:   2,219
Enrollment Projections:    
Architect:   Stantec
Contractor:   to be determined
Project Manager:   Rob Badstibner, 240-740-7737