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front view of Burnt Mills ES

415 Prelude Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901
Cluster:   Northeast Consortium
Completion Date:   August 2023
Site Size:   13.78 acres
Building Size:   94,398 square feet
Building Levels:   2
Parking Spaces:   103
Cost:   $43,000,000
Student Capacity:   647
Enrollment Projections:   2023-2024: 633
2024-2025: 618
2025-2026: 623
Architect:   MTFA Architecture, PLLC
Contractor:   HESS Construction
Project Manager:   Joe DeRosa (retired)


Project Objectives

The replacement school addresses the space and core deficiencies of the previous building and provides additional program and support spaces for the increasing student enrollment at Burnt Mills Elementary School. Following the guidelines provided in MCPS Regulation FAA-RA, Educational Facilities Planning, the proposed new facility was designed for a capacity of 647 students. The school has been master-planned for a capacity of 740 students.

  • The separate bus loop and parking lots increase student safety.
  • Flexible and collaborative spaces are located throughout the facility, with a central stairwell for student use and a potential breakout space for small group learning.
  • An interior landscaped courtyard provides an outdoor space for learning and student activities while allowing the interior spaces to benefit from natural light.
  • Three additional classroom spaces have been provided for a future capacity expansion to accommodate 740 students.
  • The facility will earn Green Globe certification (level 2) thanks to the–
    • high-efficiency LED lighting,
    • daylighting measures,
    • high-efficiency mechanical systems, and the
    • high-performance building envelope.


Reports for the Former Facility: