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Annual Leave Conversion

Employees who are members of the MCEA and MCAAP/MCBOA bargaining units have an opportunity each year to cash-out or deposit into their MCPS 403(b)/457(b) accounts the monetary value of a limited number of annual leave hours. Interested 12-month MCEA members must complete and submit by June 2, 2023, MCPS Form 430-91, 12-month MCEA Members Designation of Annual Leave to Contribute to 403(b) Plan. MCAAP/MCBOA members must complete MCPS Form 430-91B,  MCAAP/MCBOA Members Designation of Annual Leave to 403(b)/457(b) Plan Contribution or Cash Payout, also by June 2, 2023. MCAAP/MCBOA members: This year, there is an additional option for annual leave conversion. See these frequently asked questions for details.