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SEIU Local 500 Sick Bank Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sick bank? The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide continued sick leave pay benefits to members of the Bank for qualifying, personal illness that is incapacitating to the point where one cannot perform their duties during regularly scheduled duty days. How do I become a member of the Sick Leave Bank? All new employees are automatically enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank unless you choose to “opt out.” You have 30 days from your date of hire to make this choice. New employees contribute a one-time donation of 2 days, then 1 day per year thereafter.
Permanent employees who do not currently belong to the Sick Leave Bank need to complete a donation form authorizing a one-time donation of 2 days, then 1 day per year thereafter.
Why should I join the Sick Leave Bank? The Sick Leave Bank is added protection for continuous income in the event of serious personal illness. Once I join the Sick Leave Bank, when am I eligible to receive Sick Leave Bank Benefits? New employees are eligible 1 year from their date of hire and permanent employees are eligible 6 months from the date the donation form (authorizing the 2 day donation) is received by SEIU Local 500. How do I apply for a grant? Members must contact SEIU Local 500 at 301-740-7100 for the necessary paperwork. How often must I donate additional leave? Annual contributions are made on July 1st for the upcoming school year. A member may discontinue membership in the Bank at any time, but contributed days will not be returned. Who decides if my grant request is approved? A joint committee of SEIU and MCPS representatives meets every two weeks to review all applications. How long will it take to receive benefits if my grant is approved? Once grants are approved, the procedure takes one additional pay period to process and then will be paid as part of the normal payroll on the published pay dates.