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Word of the Month

Sisyphean: (Adj.) Well worth doing and fruitless at the same time.


Colin looked at the stack of papers he had to grade and sighed, knowing that this was a Sisyphean task that he would have to repeat several times this semester.

When you add countertops the color of freshly fallen snow…, spot-cleaning takes on Sisyphean proportions.

Salon Apr 18, 2023


Tip of the Month


Why is it that when we write memoranda, in the To: and From: sections the person’s title and office names are written starting with capital letters; however, when we write it as part of the memo, the titles and office names are in lowercase?


  1. The To: and From: sections in the memo are considered headers. All heads and subheads begin with capital letters (initial caps).
    in the memo, the person’s position or title (when it follows the person’s name) is not written with initial capital letters. However, when the title precedes the person’s name, it is written in initial capital letters.


Titles following names are not capitalized. Those titles are considered as words that describe the person:
              Jane Doe, director of student affairs, is also an ardent golfer.

Titles preceding titles are capitalized because they are considered as formal, professional titles:
              Director of Student Affairs Jane Doe is also an ardent golfer.

  1. Office names are always written with initial capital letters, never lowercase.
                Department of Student Affairs


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