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Short Takes - Equitable Classroom Practices

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Donna Graves


capture 17The Short Takes are a companion tool to the Equitable Classroom Practices 2010 document. Each of the short takes elaborates on the qualities one of the 27 specific, observable teacher behaviors that communicate high expectations to students by defining the practice, summarizing key points in the research, and providing suggestions on what teachers can do to demonstrate the equitable practice to all students. The short takes are intended to support staff reflection and discussion about how educators can be more conscious of and purposeful in incorporating best practices to promote equitable instruction for African American and Hispanic students.

The short takes are designed to provide a brief professional development experience suitable for an individual, a small group, or an entire staff. Many of the short takes are interactive and include links to additional sites for more detailed information. Actual classroom video demonstrations of the equitable practices are included as well.

The software used for the presentations has features for controllung the presentations, accessing resources, and navigation. For more information, view this brief orientation.

Short Takes -Equitable Classroom Practices

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