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FY 2024 Operating Budget Timeline

Public Presentation of the Recommended Operating Budget
*Sign-up period for speakers at Board of Education Public Hearings
Board of Education Public Operating Budget Hearings
Board of Education Operating Budget Work Sessions
Tentative Adoption of the FY 2024 Operating Budget
Board of Education Budget Transmittal to County Executive/Council
County Executive Releases the FY 2024 Operating Budgetl
County Council Budget Public Hearings
County Council Work Sessions
County Council Budget Action
Final Adoption of the FY 2024 Operating Budget

* Please check the Board of Education web page in November 2022 for information about the sign up period for the public hearings.


Our Investment in Students:
Excellence and Equity

MCPS is committed to providing every student with the access, opportunity and resources needed to unleash their full potential. Each student’s educational experience must be rooted in our shared commitment to equity and excellence for all. In this document there is a summary of past, present and future investments to fulfill this commitment. Each year builds on the investments from the previous years.

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Operating Budget - Our Investment in Students: Excellence and Equity

Recommended Operating Budget


FY 2023 Budget Guide

FY 2023 Budget Guide  

NOTE: This publication may not include the most recent negotiated salary rates. Please refer to the Montgomery County Public Schools Salary Schedule webpage to find documents including the most recent negotiated salary rates for all associations, including rates for substitute teachers.

FY 2022 Operating Budget

View 2022 Operating Budget