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Online Registration for Athletics

Online Registration 

Athletics registration is done electronically through the ParentVue Portal. Information regarding middle school athletics registration can be found here. Below are some helpful resources to assist parents/guardians with the online registration process and with securing a physical evaluation prior to in-person engagement.

  • ParentVue Guide - A "Quick Guide to ParentVue for Athletics" for parents/guardians when registering their students for athletics.
  • ParentVue Guide - A "How to Guide" for parents/guardians for Getting Started with ParentVUE.pdf

Parents/guardians must complete the online registration process for students participating in the MCPS interscholastic athletics program, prior to participating in practices or tryouts. As part of the online registration process for MCPS athletics, students and parents/guardians are required to review health and safety information, including materials on baseline testing, concussions, sudden cardiac arrest and key COVID-19 resources recommended by the Maryland State Department of Education.  Any questions about completing the online registration process should be directed to your local school Athletics Specialist or Athletic Coordinator. 

New - COVID-19 Waiver, Acknowledgements, Pledge Form & Resources - the pledge form includes acknowledgment of the symptom free requirements from the CDC for attendance at any gathering or event.
  • Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form (MCPS Form SR-8 with new MPSSAA COVID-19 supplemental questions) - The Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form is valid for one year (for high school athletes) and two years (for middle school athletes) from the date of the exam, and covers participation for all sports within that time period. Students submit the last two pages to the school/coach the Clearance Form and the MPSSAA COVID-19 supplemental questions - available in English and Spanish. Schools keep the forms on file.  A partial list of Clinics that offer Sports Physicals within the Montgomery County area is available online.
  • Medical Card for Athletes (MCPS Form 560-30) -This form must be submitted for each sport in which the student wishes to participate.
  • Student-Parent Participation Contract and Parent Permission Form (for High School), Student-Parent Participation Contract and Permission Form (for Middle School) - The form includes information that student-athletes and parents are required to review, including reference to the Health/Safety section of the MCPS Athletics website. This form must be submitted for each sport in which the student wishes to participate.
  • Middle School Athletics registration information can be found here.

Required Concussion, Baseline Testing, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Forms

Please refer to the Concussion, Baseline Testing, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Parent packet available in the Health and Safety Section.

Additional Forms for Students