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Parent Outreach Services

The mission of the Parent Outreach Services team is to minimize linguistic and cultural barriers so that international parents can access educational resources and services in MCPS to support and improve student achievement.

Multilingual parent outreach services are provided by ESOL bilingual and bicultural parent community coordinators and parent specialists to empower parents of ESOL students to engage in their children's education.

The ESOL Parent Outreach Services team provides support services and assists schools to:

  • Conduct ESOL parent needs assessments at assigned schools;
  • Facilitate communication between school staff members and international parents;
  • Organize parent meetings in collaboration with the principal or designee, ESOL teacher, counselor, and parents from the outreach committee;
  • Conduct workshops for parents on topics of interest to them;
  • Attend Educational Management Team (EMT), Individualized Education Program (IEP), Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), and ELL team meetings to help parents understand and navigate the processes used in these meetings;
  • Assist international parents with students’ and parents’ rights and responsibilities, special education services, parent conferences, parental involvement, and information and referrals to services and resources;
  • Conduct in-service training for school staff members on how to work with ELL parents;
  • Provide individual and group parent programs on various topics.

ESOL/Bilingual Advisory Committee

Find out about the committee and how you can participate

Requesting Services

To access ESOL parent outreach services:

Schools with an assigned ESOL parent outreach staff member

  • Complete a "Referral for ESOL Parent Outreach" form and submit it to the assigned ESOL parent outreach staff member.
  • The form (MCPS Form 320-49) is available on the MCPS website. The form can be filled out electronically and printed from your browser, OR a blank form can be printed and filled out by hand.

Schools without an assigned ESOL parent outreach staff member

  • Complete a "Referral for ESOL Parent Outreach" form (MCPS Form 320-49).
  • Send the form to the ESOL office at Rocking Horse Road Center or fax the form to the ESOL Office, at 301-230-5443.