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Multidisciplinary Educational Training and Support (METS) Program


The METS program of the Montgomery County Public Schools is designed to meet the linguistic and academic needs of English language learners who have had limited or no previous schooling or significant schooling gaps due to interrupted or disrupted education. Students enrolled in the METS program receive instruction in developing English language proficiency and basic literacy and academic skills. Students also receive instruction and support to facilitate adjustment to both the academic and social school environment. The purpose of the METS program is to develop English language proficiency and literacy while providing the instruction and support with academics that will help narrow students' educational gaps and facilitate articulation to non-METS classes.

Identification and Placement of METS-Eligible Students

Students may be referred to the METS program by International Admissions and Enrollment, The ESOL Testing and Accountability Center, school staff and a parent or family member.

Students are eligible to attend the METS program when:

  • They score at level 1 or 2 on the WIDA Screener Placement Test
  • They have had a minimum of two years of a schooling gap
  • Their age is appropriate for at least Grade 3 grade placement
  • They function at two or more years below grade level in Math and/or Reading (in the student’s home language)

Once students are identified as eligible for METS services, they are assigned to a METS site.

METS Sites

Currently there are METS sites at the following schools:

Middle Schools High Schools

Eastern MS
Gaithersburg MS
A. Mario Loiederman MS
Montgomery Village MS
Neelsville MS
Takoma Park MS
Julius West MS
White Oak MS
Sligo MS
Wood MS

Bethesda Chevy Chase HS
Montgomery Blair HS
Albert Einstein HS
Gaithersburg HS
Richard Montgomery HS
Northwood HS
Quince Orchard HS
Rockville HS
Seneca Valley HS
Springbrook HS
Watkins Mill HS
Wheaton HS

METS Instruction

Middle and High School METS Program

Eligible students in Grades 6-8 receive literacy and English language development instruction as well as instruction in the Language of Math and Social Studies. Currently, The Language of Math and Our School, Our Community and Our World courses are being piloted. METS students receive ESOL services for a large part of the day, but take classes with non-METS students in electives such as Physical Education, and Art.

Instruction is provided by certified ESOL teachers. Because of the multi-grade nature of the METS program, the emotional and social needs of the students, and the various levels of literacy and numeracy of the students, classes are kept at a ratio of 15 to 1 with the support of a METS para-educator. Native language support is provided when possible.

For further information, please call Sandy Mackin at 240-740-3982

Other METS Support Services

METS students and their families receive support from many professionals in the Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs. ESOL Transitional Counselors and Parent Community Coordinators are regularly assigned to all METS sites to facilitate the acculturation of students and parents to the academic and social environment of the school and community.