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Youth Apprenticeship

MCPS Youth Apprenticeship Program

Information for Students

Benefits of the Program

Participating students will be able to

  • enter the workforce while still in high school;
  • earn a salary;
  • gain marketable industry skills;
  • learn from a highly skilled mentor;
  • receive a State Skill Certificate as a result of meeting all the state program standards; and
  • have the opportunity to continue in the career field after graduation.

MCPS Youth Apprenticeship Positions

IEC Electrical School-to-Apprenticeship

IECC Electrical School to Apprenticeship Application Packets are due April 14, each year.


IEC Electrical School-to-Apprenticeship Program & Application

en español

Contact Us

Mr. Shawn Krasa
Work Based Learning, Supervisor
Phone: 240-801-0919


Schedule a Zoom Meeting:

Eligibility to Apply

If you are:

  • A highly motivated and responsible student;
  • age 16 or older;
  • a rising junior or senior currently enrolled in an MCPS high school;
  • in possession of a Social Security number, and
  • able to transport yourself to and from work,

You should consider applying for a Youth Apprenticeship.

Application Process - Forms and Links 

Students may apply to the program during any semester per steps below. 

Step 1 Review all program information and requirements on this site and/or attend a Youth Apprenticeship Information session sponsored by the Internship Coordinator at your school and/or central office.
Step 2   Meet with counselor to discuss enrollment in this Youth Apprenticeship Program
Step 3 Complete Apprenticeship Application Packet which includes the following five items:  Apprenticeship Application Form, Counselor Recommendation Form, Teacher Recommendation Form, Cover Letter, and Resume, and submit the entire package to the internship coordinator.  Your counselor and teacher should submit the recommendation form they completed directly to your internship coordinator.    
Step 4 Meet with internship coordinator to review package submissions and discuss career interest and vacancies
Step 5 Attend seminar on professional competencies and job preparation scheduled by the internship coordinator
Step 6 Obtain permission to apply to advertised Youth Apprenticeship positions (MCPS Youth Apprenticeship Positions) from internship coordinator
Step 7 Interview for interested position (if contacted and requested by employer)
Step 8 Accept apprenticeship offer (if extended by employer) and communicate offer with the internship coordinator and counselor. If an offer is not extended, return to STEP 6.
Step 9 Meet with counselor for course enrollment and register for the Apprenticeship Related Instruction and Apprenticeship Work Based Learning courses.
Step 10 Complete all relevant apprenticeship forms as requested by employer, counselor, internship coordinator (e.g. Program Agreement, Emergency Contact, Work Permit,  and Apprenticeship Maryland Agreement))

If you have questions about your eligibility for the program or the application process please contact your high school counselor or internship coordinator.

Student Responsibilities
  • Students must complete the program prior to graduating high school.
  • Students must complete 450 hours of work-based training and one year of related classroom instruction.
  • Students must complete and submit all required forms by the specified deadlines.
  • Students must report to their apprenticeship site ready and prepared for work, daily at the time agreed with their mentor.