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Judith Docca


About Judith Docca

Dr. Judith Docca is serving her fourth term on the Board of Education and currently serves as the chairperson of the Board's Committee on Special Populations and is a member of the Policy Management Committee and the Fiscal Management Committee. She spent 38 years as a teacher and administrator with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). She began her career as a Spanish and French teacher, and later served as a human relations coordinator, assistant principal at Montgomery Blair High School, and principal at Argyle Middle School.

Dr. Docca has been an officer, Education chair, and Youth Council sponsor of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). She has served as chair of the Multicultural Community Partnership, president and treasurer of the Montgomery County Alliance of Black School Educators, and a member of the Hispanic Educators Association and the League of Educators for Asian American Progress. She has been a mentor to high school students, a SAT tutor, and served on the Board of Directors for The George B. Thomas, Sr. Learning Academy. She is currently co-chair of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education's (MABE) Black and Hispanic Caucus and a member of MABE's Conference Planning Committee.

Dr. Docca has received several awards and recognitions. In 2012, Dr. Docca received the Montgomery County Human Rights Award. The Maryland State Education Association selected Dr. Docca to receive the 2013 Minority Recognition Leadership Award. In 2013, she also received a Recognition Plaque from the Montgomery County Chapter of the Jack and Jill of America, Inc. and was recognized for her support of the Latino After School Dance activities. In 2016, Dr. Docca received the Life Achievement Award from the National Congress of Parents and Teachers.

Dr. Docca holds a bachelor’s degree in Romance Language and Literature from Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree in Romance Language and Literature from George Washington University (GWU), and a doctorate in Education Administration from GWU.

Judith Docca

Fourth term expires 2022
Resident of Montgomery Village

    Phone: 240-740-3030

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    Fax: 301-279-3860

    Address: Carver Educational Services Center, Room 123
    850 Hungerford Drive
    Rockville, Maryland 20850

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Beyond the Boardroom

Away from the dias and beyond the boardroom hear from Dr. Judith Docca about what has inspired her to serve and support the students of Montgomery County.

Beyond the Boardroom  

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