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Board of EducationMeetings → October 9, 2012

Board of Education Evening Business Meeting
October 9, 2012

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Acknowledgement of a Quorum
Approval of the Agenda
Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
Update on Enrollment and Capital Improvements Program

Enrollment in MCPS is around 149,000 students, a one-year increase of 2,500 students and an increase of more than 11,000 students since 2007. Nearly all of the enrollment increase since 2007 has occurred at elementary schools, where enrollment has grown by 10,000 students since 2007.

Numerous capital projects in the approved Fiscal Year (FY) 2013–2018 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) add substantial amounts of elementary school capacity by 2017, but more will be needed. In addition, in many parts of the county, significant increases in middle and high school enrollments are beginning to occur, and more capacity at several secondary schools will be needed. Read the Board Memo. (.pdf)

Consent items
Human Resources and Development Monthly Report
Final Approval of the Comprehensive Master Plan

The Board of Education gave final approval to the district’s Comprehensive Master Plan. Under the state of Maryland’s Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act of 2002, each school district must submit a Comprehensive Master Plan that links school finance to decisions about school improvement. Bridge to Excellence requires the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to set academic content and student achievement standards and to ensure that schools and students have sufficient resources to meet those standards.

By design, the legislation requires school systems to integrate state, federal, and local funding and initiatives into the Master Plan. Because the state of Maryland received a federal waiver from the No Child Left Behind Act, it will impact the form and scope of the master plans submitted by districts. View the Comprehensive Master Plan. (a very large .pdf) 

Update on Professional Development Priority

The Board received an update and engaged in a conversation on the district’s strategic initiative to improve and better align professional development efforts for teachers and all MCPS staff. The conversation focused on the work of the newly created Office of Professional Development and School Support and how improvements to adult learning can lead to significant improvements to student learning.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) have been identified as a starting point for improving professional development.  PLCs are an ongoing process in which educators and staff work collaboratively on a regular basis to focus on challenges and achieve better results for the students they serve. A Professional Learning Framework is in the process of development. Read the Board memo. (.pdf)

Board of Education Policies

Policy BBB—Ethics 
The Board approved revisions to Policy BBB—Ethics. In February, the Board of Education began the process of revising this policy to conform to changes in state law. There are several changes to the law, including the establishment of a $20 limit for unsolicited gifts for school employees (including teachers); a more detailed financial disclosure for Board of Education members; and expanding the number of employees who must fill out disclosure forms. Read the Board of Education memo and see changes to the policy.(.pdf)

Policy DJA – MCPS Procurement Practices
The Board took tentative Action on Policy DJA—MCPS Procurement Practices.(.pdf)  This policy recognizes the procurement procedures published in the MCPS Procurement Manual and Maryland law, establishes limits for advertising bids and obtaining bid approval by the Montgomery County Board of Education, and puts in place a process for the Board Fiscal Management Committee to review theProcurement Manual.  The policy will be sent out for public comment. 

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