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Board of EducationMeetings → February 23, 2009

Board of Education Meeting: February 23, 2009

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Full Agenda (PDF)

Approval of the agenda; Women's History Month; Recognition of Educators Who Earned Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in 2008

Women’s History Month: The Board declared March as Women’s History Month in recognition of female students, staff, parents, business community members and community leaders who, by their hard work, vision and achievements, are creating a better tomorrow.

Recognition of National Board Certified Teachers: The Board of Education recognized educators who earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in November 2008. MCPS continues to lead the state in the number of educators awarded this prestigious recognition of proficiency, with 100 new National Board Certified educators bringing the total number of MCPS teachers who have earned the certification to 478.

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FY 2010 Operating Budget Amendments

As a result of the new federal stimulus funding that MCPS is slated to receive through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Board of Education approved amendments to the FY 2010 Operating Budget Request that will restore $21.4 million in total funding.

For FY 2010, this funding includes an additional $6.1 million for Title I services for low-income students and $15.3 for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grant for special education, according to specific estimates issued by the U.S. Congress. The same amount is expected for FY 2011 as well.

As a result of this additional federal funding, the amended FY 2010 budget request that the Board will now send to the County totals approximately $2.15 billion.

More information about the planned use of the new federal funding

FY 2010 Summer School Fees

The Board approved fees for the Summer School Revenue-based Program, which includes intervention, enrichment and acceleration of academic instruction through six elementary regional centers, four high school regional centers and local school programs.

Full fees for FY 2010 will be maintained at the current FY 2009 rate ($335 for elementary courses, $300 for high school core courses and $310 for high school noncore courses, including student online learning). Reduced fees also will be maintained at the current FY 2009 rate ($85 or $120, depending on family income).

Guidelines for reduced fees and waivers are $0-$28,387 for the reduced fee of $85; $28,388-$40,397 for the reduced fee of $120; and below $40,397 for tuition waivers for Minimal Fee-based Programs.

Naming of Clarksburg Elementary School #8

The Board of Education submitted the following names to the new principal of Clarksburg Elementary School #8, which is scheduled to open for the 2009-10 school year, for consideration by the school naming committee:

  • Lavinia Margaret Engle (1892–1979) – a founder of the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, and the first woman from Montgomery County to be elected to the Maryland House of Delegates and to the former Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.
  • Blair G. Ewing – served on the Montgomery County Board of Education for 22 years (1976–1998) and was twice its president. From 1998 to 2002, he served on the County Council. He is currently the vice president of the Maryland State Board of Education.
  • William B. Gibbs, Jr. – a teacher and acting principal of the former Rockville Colored Elementary School when, in 1936, the NAACP was searching for a teacher willing to challenge Maryland's unequal salary schedule in court. The suit, filed by Thurgood Marshall and other NAACP attorneys, was settled out of court.
  • Sandra Day O’Connor – the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court. Nominated by President Ronald Reagan, she took her seat on September 26, 1981. She retired from the Supreme Court on January 21, 2006.

The school’s naming committee will recommend its preference from among the list of names provided by the Board and up to two additional names recommended by the committee. The final responsibility for officially naming a school building rests with the Board of Education.

Board Committee Work Plans

The Board adopted work plans for its committees—Communications and Public Engagement, Fiscal Management, Policy, Special Populations, and Strategic Planning—for the 2009 academic year and agreed to review the committee work plans annually.

This action resulted from a previous retreat in which the Board of Education agreed to undertake an annual review of the work of its committees and to develop, as a Committee of the Whole, the work plans and assignments for the existing committees.

These work plans are aligned with the Board’s work, academic priorities, and the goals of the MCPS strategic plan, Our Call to Action: Pursuit of Excellence.

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