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Board of EducationMeetings →February 9, 2009

Board of Education Meeting: February 9, 2009

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Full Agenda (PDF)

Approval of the Agenda
Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
FY 2010 Operating Budget Adoption

The Board adopted a FY 2010 Operating Budget totaling $2.13 billion, following its completion recently of two public hearings and two worksessions.

The adopted budget is $23.7 million more than the budget that Superintendent Jerry D. Weast originally submitted to the Board in December, but is consistent with the updated recommendation that the superintendent sent to the Board after the amount of projected state aid was increased in the Governor’s recently announced budget.

“The lean nature of this budget is a clear reflection of the difficult choices that we must make in today’s economic climate” said Patricia O’Neill, vice president of the Board of Education. “But I also believe it’s a responsible budget that demonstrates our strong commitment to protecting initiatives that raise student achievement and to avoiding cuts that are harmful to classroom instruction.”


Items of Legislation

The Board adopted positions on proposed state legislation in the areas of construction/maintenance, human resources, procurement, reporting, curriculum, graduation, and student-related areas including curriculum, graduation and health. Staff will continue to monitor proposed legislation, during the 90-day Maryland General Assembly session.

Consent Items
Human Resources
Monthly Financial Report
Presentation Plans

The Board approved the preliminary plans for the Seven Locks Elementary School modernization project and the Jackson Road Elementary School addition project.

Update on Implementation of the Bridge Plan/High School Assessments

The Board of Education discussed implementation of the state’s High School Assessments and, specifically, the alternative option of the Bridge Plan for Academic Validation, which is available to some students for meeting their graduation requirements.

Students in the Class of 2009 are the first to be required to pass all four exams— algebra, biology, English and government—to earn a Maryland diploma. Since 2008, nine changes have been made by the state—including introduction of the alternate Bridge Plan for Academic Validation and a the recent creation of waiver/appeal option for certain seniors in special circumstances.

As of mid-January, 1,399 MCPS students—including 557 seniors—were eligible to complete almost 3,000 Bridge Plan projects.

Board Member Christopher Barclay said, “We have always been in favor of accountability, but we have real concerns with the current form of the HSAs and the Bridge Plan. They create unnecessary pressure on our students and have a disproportionate administrative burden on our school system given our diversity of student needs.”

Board of Education Items
Items of Information

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